Active-wire electrode technology

reduces the thermal and mechanical stress on the cells. High redudantes electrode wire braid guaranteed even when cells break full function with little or no restrictions. Allows bending radius up to 500mm in the module level.    

Product Line 1

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The newly developed solar module is the world's first ICE certified glassless, semi-flexible solar modules and ultra-light based on the crystalline solar cell technology. It is based on a fiber-reinforced plastic core and high quality film material in which the solar cells are protected encapsulated. This composite laminate may alternatively be mounted on a flexible backing as a standalone PV module or on a solid. This allows the use of both the ordinary solar application (eg as a framed module) as well as in the automotive industry, boat building or building integrated photovoltaics. In addition to the dimensions as a standard module (laminate) with 60 or 72 solar cells special forms and custom dimensions and geometries are possible both in 2D and 3D. Different module specific types of interconnection and special connection boxes are optional and can be implemented on request. Due to its low weight (as a laminate approx 4.5kg) This product is suitable for projecting roof structures, which can only be limited with regard to an additional weight load or add any conventional solar modules. Basically, the PV is - frameless module, but can optionally be supplied on request with frames.
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