The automotive industry

A Car roof with photovoltaic take advantage of the CSP technology: lightweight, flexible and thin layers, patented,  just-in-time production. The CSP Solar Car sunroof relieve the battery or the Generator of the vehicle Especially for the cooling of the vehicle in the summer. A Solar ventilation system is specialy developed. The integrated sunroof Photovoltaics while delivering the power for a blower fan, which can perform automatically the vehicle fresh air. So is a parked car in the sun automatically cooled. Because the interior is less heated is then when driving the air conditioning less stress.    


Use: Roof layouts What we now supplies: Various consumers, such as air conditioners, Emergency lighting etc. What I like / Benefit: Main Independent Tents • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly • Easy storage of the modules • For storage tents with buffering:   Absolute independence • CSP is mobile and therefore flexible   solution virtually „solar for take away“  


Use: Ship planks and cabin roofs with solar cells. What we now supplies: The case of private sailing boats and yachts, you reduce the demurrage. The ships always have power even without motor and generator. What I like / Benefit: - When sailing:   the security to always have power - With yachts and commercial vessels:   reducing fuel costs’ on hot days  


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